At Built, we provide custom solutions for every environment.

At Built, we provide custom solutions for every environment.

Interior Buildout

Built’s solutions are more functional and customizable than any other. The patented wall elements support power, data, plumbing, technology, and medical gasses – making them suitable for any market. As needs change, modifying your interior for the future is quick, clean, and convenient.
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Integrated Technology

Built walls can enhance any environment with TVs, medical equipment, learning tools, and more. Embedded equipment remains secure, is easily cleaned, and saves space. Technology is constantly changing. Built gives you the agility to change with it.

Raised Floors

Built floors are sturdy, quiet, and easy to install/access. They maintain a low profile – just 2 ¾ inches – while supporting adaptable power and data infrastructures. You will have 21st-century technology at your feet and a solution that can adapt to any need.


Interiors express your goals, brand, and identity. Built’s solutions allow you to incorporate vibrant graphics, writable surfaces, and more to reflect your culture. Do more with your walls.
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Passive Optical Networks

Passive Optical Networks (PON) leverage single-mode fiber for a superior network solution to copper cabling. In addition to experiencing better performance, you will save energy, real estate, and money.


From shades to blinds to sound masking, we take a holistic approach to acoustical management. In addition to soundproofing the walls, we address the ceiling, doors, edges, and seams. By tackling all areas of sound transfer, we ensure that you will enjoy a productive space.

Design with ICE®

ICE® software is the backbone of our solution – setting us apart from competitors and conventional construction. ICE® provides a graphical, interactive exploration of your design – meaning everyone is on the same page and understands the big picture. Behind the scenes, the parts, pieces, connections, and pricing are instantly calculated. Need to make a change? Not a problem. ICE® automatically updates every aspect in 3D. This information goes to the DIRTT factory where your system is precisely manufactured.
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