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Have what it takes to be a great DIRTTBag? DIRTT— Doing It Right This Time —is a cleantech construction company that’s radically modernizing the multi-billion dollar construction industry through the use of rapid, highly flexible and sustainable manufactured construction. We help our clients build better, leveraging technology to bring to life construction practices for the 21st century! Our solutions improve not only the way people build and interact with their surroundings, but they also drastically reduce construction waste and are flexible to meet ever-changing demands.

About the Role

The Successful Candidate
You are changing the world one exquisite detail at a time, but you’ll never let little details hold you back from being bold and decisive. People come to you for your abilities as a creative-thinker: Middle name ‘Empathy’, last name ‘Team Player.’ The interior design game is part of your DNA because you love to build successful spaces. You punched the last person who called you a “color picker.”

You are a problem solver. You offer results instead of reasons. You think on your feet and leverage technology. You have an aptitude for technology, a desire to learn, and an ability to use a variety of tech tools to deliver for your clients. You are a team player and have outstanding interpersonal skills, making it easy to work closely with all project stakeholders.

You have design in their blood, helping to take your clients’ needs and ideas from conception to realization. A DIRTT Designer is driven by a commitment to outstanding customer satisfaction and relied upon to:

  • Understand that a DIRTT project is not a product installation. Working with DIRTT should be an innovative and unique experience for every client, from initial education through to final walkthrough;
  • Take the clients’ needs and ideas and guide them to a DIRTT specific solution that will wow all stakeholders;
  • Design client projects using ICE® software, populating the DIRTT space from scratch or from a predesigned AutoCAD™ plan;
  • Review all production information and drawings for accuracy;
  • Create shop drawings for client projects using ICE;
  • Organize and submit orders in conjunction with the Project Manager; and
  • Understand the scope of work on site and know all the details of a project.

Experience, Assets and Attributes
Can effectively manage these responsibilities because the skills they bring to the table include:

  • Experience with Architectural Construction detailing and coordinating MEP consultants
  • A high sense of urgency, able to execute on tasks efficiently and calmly when multitasking and quick thinking are required;
  • A self-motivated and entrepreneurial nature: a problem solver;
  • An aptitude with technology and willingness to learn;
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills that let them work closely with all project stakeholders as well as DIRTT teammates, including your DIRTT Champion and PM, to manage expectations and ensure the client’s experience is a positive one;
  • Strong organizational skills and a mind like a steel trap so they remember the details of each project and scope of work;
  • An understanding of interior construction including architectural elements, lighting, electrical, HVAC, and basic base-building knowledge;
  • The ability to read construction documents and specifications;
  • Hands-on experience with AutoCAD and other 3D software;
  • Previous experience working in an architectural and/or interiors firm.
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