Kansas City Symphony

Historic Preservation

When the Kansas City Symphony began looking for a new headquarters to accommodate its musicians, staff and public, it took that thought to heart. That meant rather than raising an existing building to make room for something built to spec, the organization prioritized finding a historic space and transforming it into something practical for today and adaptable for whatever comes tomorrow. And it only had to look out the windows of the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts to find a new home to fit that mission perfectly. The historic Webster School was a fit for the new headquarters of the Kansas City Symphony.
Kansas City, MO
Architect / Designer
Helix Architecture + Design
Straub Construction Company, Inc.

built works.

“Everything we do as the Kansas City Symphony is rooted in history and are and in relating what was to what is”

- Danny Beckley, Executive Director of the Symphony

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Clear Tempered Glass
DIRTT Standard, Clerestory Walls

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