From shades to blinds to sound masking, we take a holistic approach to acoustical management. In addition to soundproofing the walls, we address the ceiling, doors, edges, and seams. By tackling all areas of sound transfer, we ensure that you will enjoy a productive space.

Built Using Sustainable Pre-Fab

We are proud to be your exclusive Midwest partner creating prefabricated construction solutions and unique design opportunities using DIRTT products. View the range of possibilities.
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Custom Touches

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Integrate branding and reflect your culture with surfaces that are easy to customize.


Texturn. Tackable. Magnetic. Imagine.

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Millwork in an Education Space

DIRTT Casework

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All on fast and certain DIRTT lead times. Work with our designers at BUILT, your creative partner every step of the way.

Finished Room


3D durable laminate


The case studies, portfolios and stories below feature this custom solution.

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