An Evening Conversation with Healthcare Leaders

By September 29, 2021 Stories

It’s incredible what happens when you gather a group of intelligent, passionate leaders in the same room for a few hours.

Connections are made, ideas get better, new questions come to the surface, and problems begin to get solved.

It’s powerful.

Leaders in the healthcare industry gathered in mid-August of this year to discuss healthcare construction and where it’s headed as we emerge from one of the industry’s most tumultuous years in history.

The room was brewing with insights, predictions, and most importantly – a deep desire to create environments that will propel the industry forward.

Here were a few of our key takeaways from the evening.

“There’s no handbook to help us navigate COVID.”- Jane Leggio, Director of Nursing, Kansas City Orthopaedic Institute

The pandemic has the entire world on its heels. And there’s really no other way than through it. Leggio and others discussed how empathy, vision, technology, and the right partners are the way forward, especially in healthcare construction.

“In healthcare, we have to be visionaries.” – Jodi Fincher, CEO, St Joseph Medical

Healthcare has changed a lot over the past 30 years, but often, the environments have not changed as much. How can we become more forward-thinking with how we think about these spaces?

“Demand better of us.” – Don Peterson, Executive Chairman, Noble Health

Demand better of each other. Raise the standards by raising the expectations.

“Healthcare construction has to lay in the bed and understand this from the healthcare worker and patient perspective.”– Jodi Fincher, CEO, St Joseph Medical

Empathy. Better questions. Curiosity. And partnership. These surfaced as integral ways healthcare and healthcare construction can work together to create forward-thinking environments.

“Bring healthcare to the people.”

– Dave Ruf, VP, JE Dunn Construction

How can healthcare become, even geographically, more available to all? What does it look like for healthcare construction to transform old office buildings, find spaces in strip malls, and provide healthcare to people in untapped areas.

“Healthcare wants sustainability, technically sound solutions, and progressiveness from construction”. – Don Peterson

We all want spaces that can stand the test of time, that are kind to patients and the environment, and that are forward-thinking.

There’s work to be done. And we’re proud to be surrounded by partners that care about the future of healthcare environments as much as we do.