Built on Trust

By January 22, 2021 January 29th, 2021 Stories

The foundation of a successful interior construction project is a trusting relationship from start to finish.

All successful construction projects begin with the end in mind.

Whether it’s a medical clinic needing a more flexible environment, a higher education redesign, or a brand-new government building, each project starts with a vision.

One of a refreshing environment, and a space built for flexibility. A space that’s kinder, healthier, and where those inside thrive.

These are all-hands-on-deck type of efforts. They require the collaboration of the client, the designer, contractor, architect, and everyone else on the team.

And if we’re being honest, they’re not simple projects. The reality many have experienced when setting off to create a new environment that empowers and embraces its users is that this process can be frustrating.

Without the right approach and partner, the train quickly goes off the rails and what began as a mission to create something sustainable and beautiful becomes a headache. The vision becomes more like a pie in the sky, the timeline gets thrown in the trash, and the budget along with it.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

And maybe what gets missed and confused, maybe what gets thrown to the wayside before the timeline or the budget is the relationship.

People buy from people.

And as we think about the journey our clients are on, one towards an innovative and flexible environment, it remains clear that the relationship is the guardrails that keep the mission on track.

Especially during uncertain times when needs inside spaces change, the relationship is the one piece that stays consistent and it’s what drives the vision forward.

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Today people need environments that can change as quickly as the times. And collectively we’ve realized that no one knows what tomorrow holds.

The key components of creating environments that can stand the test of time and empower the users inside is a trusted partnership.

  • The right team. An intentional focus on hiring great talent, sure, but even more than that: hiring people that hold tightly the below three values: partner-first approach, old school mindset and ability to execute.
  • A partner-first approach. It’s been said a handful of different ways (the customer is always right), and entire departments have been built around it (customer service department), and all for good reason. We’re a small team, but even as we grow, we don’t imagine we’ll have a customer service department anytime soon. Because it’s every person’s job on the team to make sure clients are heard and happy. It’s not an operation. It’s an ethos. And when it becomes about the company or the brand instead of the client, everyone has lost.
  • An old school mindset. We probably could have mixed the previous bullet point in with this one, but this one deserves its own moment. When people think about prefab construction, they may not think about the old school way of doing business, but that approach, the one where your word is almost as good as your signature, is many times the determining factor of success. We like to think, you can (and should) have your cake and eat it too.
  • You have to be able to execute. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of touch-points on the journey of bringing our construction projects to life. And that means many errors can, all with the potential of trust eroding.

But a team that stands behind their word, shows up on time, puts the customer first, and is all in when it comes to creating environments where people thrive – that’s a powerful combination.

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