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Integrated Technology

Built walls can enhance any environment with TVs, medical equipment, learning tools, and more. Embedded equipment remains secure, is easily cleaned, and saves space. Technology is constantly changing. Built gives you the agility to change with it.

DIRTT walls and integrated technology that adapts with ever-changing times

Built solutions are more functional and customizable than any other. The patented wall elements support power, data, plumbing, technology, and medical gasses – making them suitable for any market. As needs change, modifying your interior for the future is quick, clean, and convenient.
Integrated Technology


Efficient electrical

DIRTT’s quick-connect power makes for rapid on-site installation. All while it reduces waste and improves adaptability for any future changes.


The case studies, portfolios and stories below feature this custom solution.

Make Space Social

Groovy video from DIRTT on how to build sustainably and with DIRTT Solutions

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